Our consultants work with boards of trustees and plan sponsors to educate them on the latest ideas regarding plan design options. We believe that educating our clients is the first step to success as there is not just one plan design that will work best in all cases. Each client is unique in the issues they face and we need to understand their needs as much as they need to understand the available options.

While many firms are trying to sell one option they have worked on developing we review all the options to determine which design is the best fit. We have also found that this process leads to more options as clients ask what-if questions during our initial meetings.

After reviewing all the available options we typically move quickly to one or two design alternatives that clients are interested in. We then use our FACT Check model to test and verify that the underlying plan design and options selected will be able to sustain most market conditions.

This process ensures our clients make a fully informed and educated decision about the long term future of their pension plan.